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B&K Publishing was set up in order for us to publish our own books.  It’s quite a complex process as we have learned, but great fun!

We are very proud of our first book, now published as a second edition in hardback!


This is where we live on the beautiful Moray coast, in Scotland


A little about B&K Publishing......

Maria Kay


You can read the story of how I became a writer on the ‘My Story’ tab.

Jaime Bryant

Technical Wizard

Since far back in time Jaime has always been a whizz with all things technical.

Our books so far:

1.Alphabet Book + More

2.Sally’s Day at the Sales

Coming Very Soon

3. My Cat Ben

Also by Maria Kay

Sound Before Symbol - Developing Literacy through Music

Formation of B&K Publishing


Humpty is the logo for Sounds and Symbols.  Sounds and Symbols develops and delivers ‘literacy-through-music’ programmes.