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The second edition of this fabulous book is now available.

It’s a gift for life and a valuable resource for all early years children.

It now includes access to music too - just scan the QR code inside the cover!


In addition to over 78 unique watercolours, the book shows how to draw the letters and how to break down the words for reading. 

It also includes information on how children learn to read, how music can be used to help the reading process and advice to parents on how to give children the best start on the road to literacy!

Delighted parents have said:

“A fresh and joyful way of introducing toddlers to the alphabet”

“A must have book .... love it”

“My kids love it”

“I would recommend it to mums and nursery teachers alike”


Learn about using music to help literacy development PLUS lots of activities too!


Sally’s Mum is excited at the thought of shopping in the Winter Sales.  Sally is not so sure!

Join Sally and her Mum on their trip to the sales!

Sally's Day at the Sales


A beautifully illustrated story about a little boy’s musings on his very greedy but lovable cat!

My Cat Ben